Association of Mexican Restaurants in New England

ARMENI - Promoting awareness of Mexican culinary art, culture and  traditions.


The Association of Mexican Restaurants in New England, Inc. (ARMENI) is a Non-profit profit corporations under the provisions of chapter 180 of the General Laws of Massachusetts. 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code of 1954 (IN PROCESS).




The Asociacion de Restaurantes Mexicanos en Nueva Inglaterra, Inc. is formed for the purpose of carrying out community oriented, cultural, civic, educational objectives and economic purposes, including but not limited to fostering the authentic cuisine of Mexico among Mexican Restaurants and other public and private institutions in the New England area.


As well as disseminating and promoting awareness of the Mexican culture and  traditions, including but not limited to the general public, organizations, associations and private institutions and establishing cultural and educational programs.

Board Of Directors.


  Carlos Mendez
  Sergio Rámos
Vice President
  Veronica Robles
Member Maketing P.R. Director
  Office/Studio 617-922-4704
Direct: 508-401-7462
  sergio ramos
  Office/Studio 207-772-8242
Direct: 207-423-2246
  Office/Studio (781) 558-5102
Direct: (617) 308-2314



Carlos Mendez.


When I was growing up in Mexico, tamales were made from corn fresh-ground at the local tortilleria, and all produce was fresh bought daily because we owned no refrigerator. When mushrooms were called for, it was our job as kids to go out in the countryside to collect them. No dish was too time consuming or labor intensive for my mother and aunts to take on. Mexican food and cooking was just everywhere.


That said, I didn’t really learn to cook until I came to the U.S. When I first came here, I worked as a cook in family restaurants owned by Greeks, Albanians, and Turks in the midwest. I always loved the excitement of the kitchen, but didn’t recognize it as my calling. I eventually moved to Boston to attend the University of Massachusetts where I completed my undergraduate degree.


While working in the high tech industry, however, I started to miss the creative outlet of the kitchen, and a dream of owning my own restaurant began to take shape. I took over my first restaurant, Jose’s, in 2003 and have never looked back. Now the adventure continues with Viva in Wayland, where we look forward to sharing our Mexican heritage with our new friends and neighbors.

Sergio Ramos.


From Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico currently living in the State of Maine Mr. Ramos counts with over 25 years in the restaurant industry locally and internationally; he recently completed the first phase of Tequila expert class "T" certification by The Tequila Regulatory Council of Mexico and endorsed by the Association of Tequila from Mexico.


After finishing a technical career Mr. Ramos emigrated to The United States of America and worked for Applebee's food, Ruby Tuesday and Rare Hospitality.


Currently he serves as Vice-President of the Association of Mexican Restaurants in New England (ARMENI) and he is focused on supporting the organization and connecting Food and Beverage companies with Mexican restaurateurs.

Veronica Robles.


Veronica Robles is considered one of the most renowned and influential Media personalities in New England and the Most Authentic Representative of Mexican Music and culture.


Through her work in music and television, Veronica has proven her ability to develop and implement programs that positively impact the immigrant community and the community at large, and that empower people to educate them-selves and work towards a bright future for themselves and their families.


Veronica’s mission of inspiring community involvement, change, and culture is present in everything she does.



Orale!Currently and since 2002 she uses her popular television show “Orale con Veronica” (Let’s Go with Veronica) broadcast locally in Telemundo Boston and Telemundo Providence, Nationally in Multimedios TV and Internationally in Nuevo Mundo TV in Canada to connect underserved Latino families with vital social services and programs, showcases local talent and promotes Latino values; Veronica also hosts and produces travel special and food segments.


“Veronica is a cultural gem in the state of Massachusetts. Songstress, educator, media producer, businesswoman, community activist, and cultural ambassador–she brings it all to the table. She is an incredible role model for young women and an enormous contributor to our cultural wealth.” says Massachusetts Senator Sonia Chang Diaz.


Veronica has received countless awards including the Proclamation of September 17 as Veronica Robles Day in Cambridge, MA by Mayor Michael J. Sullivan



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